lmsil N Cheese Story

History of Imsil N Cheese

In 1958, Father Ji Jeonghwan, a missionary from Belgium, arrived at Imsil, Jeonbuk.
The governor of Imsil County at that time asked him to do something for the county, and after much pondering, he decided to make cheese.

The first cheese made in 1967 smelled and tasted strange and a series of failures ensued due to inferior cheese making techniques.
However, after overcoming several more failures and setbacks, the Father finally created the Imsil Cheese of today.

Characteristics of Imsil N Cheese
Farm-style Milk Processing

All products of the Imsil N Cheese Distribution Cooperative are farm-style processed dairy products.
Unlike factory-style dairy processing which involves production using purchased raw milk in factories, farm-style processed dairy products are made using fresh raw milk extracted at dawn.

Characteristics of Imsil N Cheese
A region blessed with the gift of nature

Imsil is surrounded by mountains and it remains as a relatively isolated and underdeveloped area.
However, such characteristics have allowed Imsil to maintain its natural ecological environment.
Cows grow happily in this wonderful natural environment and produce healthy raw milk which is the key ingredient of Imsil Cheese.

Characteristics of Imsil N Cheese
Eco-friendly, HACCP Certified Products

No coloring, no fragrance, no preservatives. Our eco-friendly products do not contain any coloring, fragrance or preservatives and may be consumed with a peace of mind. They are also HACCP certified which guarantees product reliability.