2021. 10. 07(Thu) ~ 10. 10(Sun)

Imsil Cheese Theme Park, Imsil Cheese Village

2021. 10. 07(Thu) ~ 10. 10(Sun)

Enjoy a relaxing and healing time with a variety of attractions, fun things to enjoy and eat!

50 Years of Korean Cheese History Cultural Festival

Various performances and cultural experience programs with the beautiful nature of Imshil
I hope you enjoy various cultural contents..

Where festival meets culture!

Imsil N cheese and the traditional culture of Imsil come together as one at the Imsil N Cheese Festival, a place for cultural communication.
Through various experiential learning programs, visitors may enjoy Imsil N cheese and traditional culture as they learn more about Imsil culture.

Festival Gallery

The Imsil N Cheese Festival is a great healing area filled with joy.