Program guide

Fun Cheese (Experience)

I hope you enjoy various cultural contents, such as colorful performances and
various cultural experience programs, along with the beautiful nature of Imsil.

회원 로그인
소셜네트워크 서비스를 통해서 로그인하시면 별도의 로그인 절차없이 회원서비스를 이용하실 수 있습니다.
Kids Pang Pang Kids Land (Clock Tower Square)
Always open during the festival

Amusement land for children "play type air bounce"

Who moved my cheese?

3-type relay competition using cheese model

Making Happy Food oven pizza

My own pizza made with Imsil N Cheese

- How to apply: On-site registration

Cheese selling girl (sharing cheese)
Regular operation during the festival period

A cheese sharing program in which cheese sellers dressed in European costumes hand out cheese when cars are stuck on the driveway

making cheese cookie
Regular operation during the festival period

Cheese cookie making experience program using Imsil N Cheese

Street piano
Regular operation during the festival period / Demonstration Farm

Piano play and photo zone utilization program for children tourists

Dairy farming experience

Milk the cow, feed the cow, feed the hay

Imsil N Cheese Experience
Indoor: Cheese Hall
Imsil N Cheese Fondue Cooking Experience
Experience melting and eating Imsil cheese
Infant and Toddler Play
Indoor: Harmony Center
Making Imsil N Cheese Pizza (Indoor: Theme Hall)
One-person pizza making experience with Imsil N Cheese
Survival game
Provides thrilling pleasure
Caricature experience
Please draw my face~
Cyber ​​Sports
European costume cosplay experience
Experience wearing and experiencing European clothing
Windy Hill ZONE
Roller Slide