Program guide

Special Cheese (Performance)

I hope you enjoy various cultural contents, such as colorful performances and
various cultural experience programs, along with the beautiful nature of Imsil.

회원 로그인
소셜네트워크 서비스를 통해서 로그인하시면 별도의 로그인 절차없이 회원서비스를 이용하실 수 있습니다.
Opening Dinner (Welcome Reception)
10. 6 (Fri) 18:00 ~ 20:30 / Imsil N Cheese Festival Special Stage

Korea's representative cheese! A meeting of festivals and cultures!

17:30~17:50 pre-ceremony performance
- Cheese planning performance, world culture performance, suit man

17:50-18:00 MC Opening
- MC: Announcer Lee Choong-hoon, announcer Kang Sung-ah

18:00~18:07 Guest introduction, congratulatory video & opening declaration

18:07~18:20 Opening Performance
-The emergency of Imsil and Cheese

18:20~18:40 Theme Video and Imsil N Cheese Drone Show

Opening Cheese (pre-ceremony performance, official event, celebratory performance)
10. 6 (Fri) 19:00~ / Above Cheese Castle

Pre-Ceremony Performance: Mime Citizen 'Suitman'
Official Events and Celebration Performances: Drone Show, Park Chang-geun, Park Seo-jin, Hong Jin-young

Imsil N Cheese World Cultural Performance
Progress by time

Tourist Recreation

Imsil N Busking
Regular performance

Real-time street performances throughout the festival grounds

Children's Cheese Puppet Show
Progress by time / JiJeongHwan Hall

Children's Puppet Show & Bubble Performance Presenting the best puppet show

Imsil N Kids Concert
Progress by time / Fountain Square, Cheese Village

Memories for children! Childhood for adults!

Imsil N Cheese Auction Performance Event
10.7(Sat) ~ 10.9(Mon) 12:30~13:30 / Special Stage

A program to make the Imsil N Cheese Auction richer and easier to understand

Auction product cooking class with celebrity chefs

Closing cheese
10.9 (Mon) 16:30~ / Performance Square (Main Stage)

Imsil N Cheese Festival Closing Celebration
BIG 3 Closing Concert