Program guide

Cheese Town (Linked with other towns)

I hope you enjoy various cultural contents, such as colorful performances and
various cultural experience programs, along with the beautiful nature of Imsil.

회원 로그인
소셜네트워크 서비스를 통해서 로그인하시면 별도의 로그인 절차없이 회원서비스를 이용하실 수 있습니다.
Everyone gather at the Imsil Cheese Village ranch-type dairy farm
Ranch-style dairy processing experience
Cheese Village Artist Gallery
Gallery exhibition held in Cheese Village
Cheese-eating long-legged clown & Mime performance
Mime performance with Mr. Long Legs Pierrot
Children's Cheese Puppet Show & Magic show
Puppet show and spectacular magic show in Cheese Village
Imsil N Busking
Busking stages throughout the festival
Chidori, Chisuni photo zone program
Photo time with Chidori and Chisuni characters~
Four cuts in life
Four shots of life with the Imsil N Cheese Festival
Cheese Village Mill Experience
Mill experience hosted by Imsil N Cheese Festival
Rice ear threshing experience
Experience threshing the rice we eat
Ecological Environment and Energy Independence Promotion Hall
Informative promotional center related to Korea’s ecological environment and energy independence
Imsil Cheese Village Food
Delicious food experiences spread throughout the Imsil N Cheese Festival!