Special Cheese Performance

  • Opening Cheese (Opening ceremony)
    Oct 03 (Thu) 18:30 ~ 20:00 / Show Plaza (Main stage)

    Theme: Imsil N Cheese Festival with the World

    Pre-ceremony performance (17:00~18:00)
    - Performance by the 15-member Im Jaeman Band
    - Global Dance of the International Youth Union

    Opening ceremony & Opening performance
    - MC :Kim Do-heon, Kang Sung-ah, announcer

    Opening theme show
    - European dancer, Brassband Collabo

    Children’s Cheese Puppet Show
    Timetables provided / Fountain square

    The link between a children's puppet show and a bubble show gives the best puppet show ever.

    Imsin N Kids Concert
    Timetables provided / Fountain square, Cheese town

    Quartet music show, B-boying, Magic shows, Balloon shows

  • Special Opening Performances
    Oct 03 (Thu) 18:30~20:00 / Show Plaza (Main stage)

    Song Gain, BEN, DONGKIZ, Jun Yeongrok, Jang Minho

    Imsil N Busking
    Always in progress

    Real-time street performances everywhere on site at the festival

    Closing Cheese (Closing ceremony)
    Oct 06 (Sun) 16:00 ~ / Show Plaza (Main stage)

    Choi Sung-soo, Lim Soo-jung's finale concert

  • Imsil N Cheese World Culture Show
    Timetables provided

    Tourist recreations

    Imsil N Cheese Auction
    10.5(Sat) 12:30~13:00 / 10.6(Sun) 12:30~13:00 / Main stage

    A public auction where visitors may buy high quality and delicious Imsil N cheese at low prices