Cheese story

Imsil N Cheese Story

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History of Imsil N Cheese

In 1958, a Belgian priest, Ji-Hwan Ji, came to Imsil, Jeollabuk-do as a missionary. At that time, the governor of Imsil gave to Father Ji-hwan Ji
I asked him to do something for Imsil-gun, and after a lot of thought, I made cheese.

The first cheese made in 1967 was unfamiliar in taste and smell, and the manufacturing technology was also low, so it was a series of failures
After that, I overcame several failures and setbacks to make today's Imsil Cheese.

Characteristics of Imsil N CheeseRanch-type dairy processing

All products of the Imsil Cheese Distribution Promotion Cooperative are ranch-type dairy products.

Ranch-type dairy products are different from factory-type dairy products, which purchase crude oil from factories and produce products
It is a method of making dairy products by processing the freshest raw milk directly squeezed at dawn.

Characteristics of Imsil N CheeseImsil, an area with a beautiful natural environment

Imsil, surrounded by mountains, is still relatively underdeveloped and remains an isolated area, but these characteristics
Because of this, we are maintaining a blessed ecological environment.

Cows raised happily in a wonderful natural environment are producing healthy raw milk, which is the raw material for Imsil Cheese.

CharacteristicEco-friendly product, HACCP certified product

無pigment, 無spices, 無antiseptic product. Since it is an eco-friendly product that does not contain coloring, fragrance or preservatives, you can consume it with confidence. HACCP certification also guarantees product safety.