About the festival


Various performances and cultural experience programs along with the beautiful nature of Imsil
We hope you enjoy various cultural contents.

회원 로그인
소셜네트워크 서비스를 통해서 로그인하시면 별도의 로그인 절차없이 회원서비스를 이용하실 수 있습니다.
Korea's representative cheese! Jeollabuk-do representative festival!
Festival meets culture! 2022 Imsil N Cheese Festival

Imsil N Cheese Festival is a place of cultural communication where Imsil N Cheese and the traditional culture of Imsil are harmonized
Through various experience programs, you can enjoy Imsil N cheese and traditional culture and learn about culture.

Raise the value of life and create a new tomorrow!

The Imsil N Cheese Festival pursues the value of a richer life and strives to create a new culture.
In addition to events using Imsil's specialty cheese, exciting nongak performances, various craft experiences, and various contests are held around the spacious venue.

Please enjoy various cultural contents such as various performances and various cultural experience programs along with the beautiful nature of Imsil.

Imsil N Cheese Festival is the best healing space that not only provides pleasure but also a comfortable rest.
We always welcome your visit, and we look forward to your continued interest and support.